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OXSRAD sports and leisure centre

    A welcoming place where all abilities come together to enjoy sports and recreation.

The aim of our unique sport and recreation centre is to provide a facility that is accessible to all, and one that offers a variety of sports and recreational activities which cater for a variety of interests and needs.

OXSRAD was opened by HRH Princess of Wales in 1989 and has continually adapted with the industry to ensure that it’s service is of a high standard and one which achieves it’s aims for all attending.

OXSRAD is a charitable organisation ‘which relies heavily on grants, fund-raising, memberships and activity fees to provide services that are currently available. We also have many volunteers who run various activities and fundraising events without whom we would cease to function as we do.

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OXSRAD is a registered charity no. 299630
Company registered no. 2267090

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OXSRAD - Court Farm Place, Marsh Lane, Marston, Oxford, OX3 0NQ

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