​Oxford & District Sports and Recreation Association for the Disabled Ltd

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​Registered Charity¬†: 299630
​Company Registered: 2267090

Disability Hub & Sports Facility - A welcoming place where all abilities come together to enjoy sports and recreation​​


OXSRAD is led by a team of dedicated, passionate people offering differing skills and expertise, who follow the following objective for the centre:

​'In the interests of social welfare, to provide and to assist in the provision of sport and leisure facilities for people with any disability, by such means as the committee think fit - including, but not to the exclusion of other means, their integration with able bodied people.'

Presidents & Committee Members

President: Lady Cowan

Vice-Presidents: Mrs J Porter-Smith, Mrs G Cox

Chairman - Mr T Cann

Secretary & Treasurer - Mr B Buchan

Vice-Chair - Mr M Hallam

Committee Members - Cllr M Cadd, Mrs C Hunt, Mr M Jackman, Cllr L Upton
Meet The Team
  1. Phillips@mail.com
    Paul Saxton (Sax)
    Centre Manager
  2. Phillips@mail.com
    Claire Buy
    Assistant Manager
  3. Phillips@mail.com
    Doreen Rose
    Book Keeper
  4. Phillips@mail.com
    Sarah Buy-Johnson
    Fundraising and Volunteer Manager
  5. Phillips@mail.com
    Kieran Woodward
    Specialised Sports Assistant
  1. Phillips@mail.com
    Matt Taylor
    Specialised Sports Assistant/Rebound Therapist
  2. Phillips@mail.com
    Robert Brooks
    Sports Assistant
  3. Phillips@mail.com
    Maia Newman
    Sports Assistant
  4. Phillips@mail.com
    Ben Merrill
    Part-time Sports Assistant
  5. Phillips@mail.com
    Fraser Day
    Part -time Sports Assistant